Internet for Reseller Distributors

For almost all enterprises and even homes, superior-quality, reliable and high-speed Internet access is not a luxury – it has become a necessity like any utility service, electricity, water, etc.

ACN Broadband Internet provides you light speed access to the Internet backbone. It is amazingly fast, flexible, scalable and reliable. Nothing comes between you and your customers Internet but glass in which your Internet packets travels at the speed of light, i.e., 300,000 km per second.

At ACN, we leverage our wholly owned, next-generation GPON/EPON Fiber Optic and Wireless Network to deliver a premium High-Speed Internet Services for interested local Internet resellers and distributors and they able to provide their Home users unlimited bandwidth capacities with reliability and stability 24/7.

You get the secure bandwidth you need to support your mission-critical Internet applications or per user based criteria and we provide our premium service backed by fastest turn around and response time in case of outages and problems.

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